“ Our experience in litigation gives us the broad perspective required to give our clients a clear and global strategic vision.”

We have an experienced and multilingual team of legal experts specialized in various areas of business law, counselling and litigation matters and arbitration.

We have a deep understanding of Monaco’s institutional, legal and regulatory environment and, through our networks, we can provide  assistance abroad to fit the specific needs of  our clients.

We have a diversified client base including  large banks in Monaco, institutional actors, listed companies, local companies, corporate executives and individuals.

Our partnerships

Due to our long presence in Monaco, we developed close ties with the local players. We:

  • practice court proceedings on a daily basis,
  • work closely with the chartered accountants and the notaries of the Principality,
  • know the inner workings of the Monegasque administration and it’s key interlocutors,
  • perfectly know the  institutions and the specificities of the laws and regulations in Monaco.

Monaco has 122 different nationalities, which has given us, over the years , the opportunity to deal with international issues. We have built relationships with international law firms and accountants practices. Thus, we can rely on appropriate external expertise to better address our client's international issues.

Our approach

Depending on the matter and specifics of the case, a team of experts is set up in order to meet the client’s requirements.

Our flexible and responsive team is composed of specialised and experienced lawyers capable of covering all the aspects of a case and propose effective and pragmatic solutions.

Close to our clients, our multidisciplinary approach allows us to devise personalised strategies in an efficient manner.

We organize the legal strategy with the client, depending on the context, the strength or weakness of the case, the related risks and implications in the medium and long term. The client is regularly updated on the status of his case and informed of any legal or contractual deadlines as well as the consequences of its decisions.

We have established strong relationships with our clients based on trust, confidentiality and the safety of our proposed solutions.

Our recommandations

We build long-term relationships with our clients and we are proud of their trust and loyalty.

We regularly act on behalf of large institutional clients, listed companies, banking institutions, insurance companies, etc.

In the past years, we were involved in several major transactions such as:

  • Acquisition and creation of banks and asset management companies,
  • Disposal of pharmaceutical laboratories,
  • Real estate operations,
  • Financing operations: yachting, properties, etc.

Our events

Eurojuris 2018 Practice Group Days - 10/13 mai 2018 (Stockholm)

Litigation, ADR & Contracts Group's Session, with the participation of Guillaume CARDOEN about E-justice, Anti-Bribery Legislation.

International Business Group's Session, speech by Guillaume CARDOEN about Multi Family Office - The Monegasque Model.

International Bar Association - 23rd Annual International Wealth Transfer Practice Conference: Working globally, planning locally - 5/6 March 2018 (London)

Presented by the IBA Private Client Tax Committee and supported by the IBA Family Law Committee, with the participation of Patricia KEMAYOU MENGUE: Cross-border investments - Privacy and constitutional concerns with public registers under EU's 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive - Cross-broder giving and philanthropy - Cross-border inheritance: practical considerations - Art and private clients - What can we learn from successful families? - Enforceable cross-border matrimonial agreements.

Chambers 2018 Anti-Corruption Guide - Monaco

Contributed by Thomas GIACCARDI, Sophie SCHUMACHER, Eva GROS, Erika BERNARDI.

Meeting TAX DAY 2017 co-organised by KPMG/ItaliaOggi : After the Voluntary Disclosure, between exchange of information and self laundering - 12 December 2017 (Milan)

Speeches by Thomas GIACCARDI and Sarah BERTOLOTTI about "Agreement Italy-Principality of Monaco in tax matters: exchange of information and group requests".

Meeting : The New Monegasque Private International Law - 5 December 2017 (Yacht Club Monaco).

Organized by Giaccardi Avocats, speeches by: Alain FRANÇOIS (Principal Clerk Notary, Henry Rey Notary's Office) about "Matrimonial regimes"; Laëtitia VANDEVELDE (Clerk Notary, Henry Rey Notary's Office) about "International successions"; Patricia KEMAYOU MENGUE about "Contractual relations"; Thomas GIACCARDI about "Procedural aspect"s.

Eurojuris Inter-branch Symposium on Evidence - 10 November 2017 (Paris)

With the participation of Rozenn LE BOHEC ICYK, Anne ROBERT, Olivier SEUROT.

Eurojuris International Congress - 12/15 October 2017 (Brussels)

With the participation of Patricia KEMAYOU MENGUE, Guillaume CARDOEN, Benjamin LECLERCQ.

Litigation, ADR & Contracts Group's Session about "Judicial and Contractual Mediation".

International Society of Family Law (ISFL) World Congress: Family Law and Family Realities - 25/29 July 2017 (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam)

With the participation of Nathalie BLANGERO-BUISSON: Do family laws adequately reflect the realities of traditional and non-traditional families? - Does child law adequately reflect the reality of children's evolving position within the family and society? - Do family laws reflect the realities of families with elderly and/or disabled family members? - Towards interdisciplinary cooperation in family law.

Eurojuris 2017 Practice Group Days - 04/07 May 2017 (Lisbon)

Litigation & Contracts Group's & Banking, Insolvency & Restructuring Group's Joint Session, with the participation of Guillaume CARDOEN about Hidden defects, Banking responsibility.

Data Protection Compliance in Monaco - 31 March 2017 (Project Data Privacy Compliance (DPC)/Cloud Privacy Check (CPC))

Article provided by Thomas GIACCARDI about The new online preregistration and new modalities for the declaration forms.

Lexbase Hebdo Edition fiscale - Social Contributions on Investment Income under the French-Monegasque Tax Convention of May 18, 1963 - October 27, 2016 (n° 674)

Interview with Virginie MALNOY about The French Council of State ruling of September 19, 2016 (3e-8e ch.-r., n° 388899), Monaco's tax policy (Automatic Exchange of Information - AEOI, Base Erosion and Profit Shifting - BEPS)

UIA (International Association of Lawyers) 60th Congress - October 28-November 1, 2016 (Budapest)

With the participation of Benjamin LECLERCQ, specially in the Intellectual Property working groups.

Eurojuris 2016 Practice Group Days: International Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - October 14/16, 2016 (Budapest)

Corporate Law Group's Session, with the participation of Guillaume CARDOEN about Order for payment, Institutional and ad hoc arbitration. 

Baker & McKenzie's Annual Tax & Trust Conference: BREXIT / Common Reporting Standard for financial accounts (automatic exchange of information in tax matters) - October 10/11, 2016 (London)

Speakers from Baker & McKenzie's Wealth Management Group, Corporate Tax Group, Dispute Resolution Group and Global Immigration, Mobility Group, with the participation of Patricia KEMAYOU MENGUE.

L'Observateur de Monaco : Dossier - Reforms: what civil society expects - October 2016 (nb. 157, pp. 56-62)

Interview with Thomas GIACCARDI: Economy/Connected Reforms, Economy/Expand the law of tenders, Labour/Why not boost severance pay?, Trial Process/Functioning of Justice: can do better, Society/Alternating custody and cohabitation.

Legal watch (Comparative Law, Civil Law): The French reform of contract law, obligations' general rules and evidence - October 7, 2016

Presentation by Laurent MICOL about The key contributions of the Ordinance No.2016-131 of February 10, 2016.

Monaco Business News: The protection of personal data - July 2016 (nb. 56, p. 13)

Interview with Anne ROBERT about "The key contributions of the Law No.1.420 of December 1, 2015: Control of personal data processing by the Commission de contrôle des informations nominatives (CCIN)". 

Eurojuris Magazine: Life of a lawyer in Monaco - June 2016

Interview with Thomas GIACCARDI.

Matinee: Fight against money laundering, corruption and the financing of terrorism - June 3, 2016 (Monaco)

Organized by AMCO (Monegasque Association of Compliance Officers), speech by Thomas GIACCARDI about “Recent developments in Monegasque case law".

University Diploma in Monegasque Labour Law (Faculty of Legal Sciences of Montpellier, in partnership with the Association for the Knowledge of the Monegasque Law) - May 20, 2016 (Monaco)

Lecture by Thomas GIACCARDI about "Actions in the framework of Monegasque labour litigation and investigatory measures". 

Eurojuris 2016 Practice Group Days: How to expand your business across borders - May 12/15, 2016 (Marseille)

Organized by the International Business Group, speech by Patricia KEMAYOU MENGUE about "Specific regulations in Monaco with regard to business development".

Monaco Business News: The tax agreement with Italy in detail - July 2015 (nb. 52, p. 12)

Interview with Thomas GIACCARDI about "The exchange of information in tax matters between Monaco and Italy". 

HEC Review Hommes & Commerce - May/June 2015 (nb 366, p. 97)

Interview with Benjamin LECLERCQ about "The Monegasque legal framework on intellectual property".  

Eurojuris International Meeting: 12 things you never knew about financing in various European countries - April 17, 2015 (Budapest)

Organized by the International Business Group, speech by Patricia KEMAYOU MENGUE about "Did you know that under the Monegasque law, the pledgor of cash and financial instruments needs to have an address in Monaco?"

Matinee: The Principality in the Digital Era - Situational Analysis - March 10, 2015 (La Maison des associations)

Organized by FedISA/GTEN (Working Group on Digital Economy), speech by Thomas GIACCARDI about “Legal Aspects”.

Monaco Business News: Digital Economy, A Strategic Challenge for Monaco - December, 2014 (nb 50, p. 4)

Interview with Rozenn LE BOHEC ICYK about “Legal Developments relating to the Dematerialization of the Written Document in Monaco and in Europe".

Monaco Business Exhibition: Launch of the Good Practice Guide on Digital Technology - November 13, 2014 (Auditorium Rainier III)

In collaboration with the GTEN (Working Group on Digital Economy), speech by Rozenn LE BOHEC ICYK about “Electronic Evidence”.

Meeting: Tax Offences and Criminal Prosecution - June 26, 2014 (Metropole Monaco)

Organized by AMCO (Monegasque Association of Compliance Officers)/Academy & Finance, speech by Thomas GIACCARDI about “International Mutual Assistance against Tax Fraud and Money Laundering: the Evolving Rules and Practice in Monaco”.

Meeting: The Dematerialization of the Monegasque Invoices - June 24, 2014 (Fairmont Monte-Carlo)

Organized by ACTIS/SOLUDOC, speech by Thomas GIACCARDI about “Electronic Invoicing and Tax Compliance".

Speech Contest Grand Sud - May 22, 2014 (Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen)

Organized at the Nice Sophia Antipolis University's Faculty of Law, with the support of Thomas GIACCARDI, member of the Final's Jury.

Informal Debate: Evidence and IT - September 17, 2013 (Monte-Carlo Bay)

Organized by Giaccardi Avocats, speeches by: Rozenn LE BOHEC ICYK about "Electronic Evidence under Monegasque Law" - Valérie DE BLECKER (polytechnic engineer specialised in multimedia/Internet technologies) about "The Role of the Expert in Matters of Electronic Evidence" - Nathalie FRICERO (Professor at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and Director of the Institute of Legal Studies) about "Evidence and European Convention on Human Rights".