Labour law

Labour law in Monaco is mainly governed by :

  • Law No.729 on employment contract of March 16, 1963 ;
  • Law No.739 on salary of March 16, 1963 ;
  • Law No.845 of June 27, 1968 on dismissal or layoff compensation ;
  • Ordinance-Law No.677 of December 2, 1959 on working time ;
  • Law No.629 of July 17, 1957 on hiring and dismissal conditions ;
  • national collective employment agreements.

The Law No.1.429 of July 4, 2016 modernises the Monegasque Labour Law, by introducing a new way of working in the Principality: teleworking. lt will be shortly applicable to nearly 83 % of employees in the Monegasque private sector (residing in France or in Italy).

In some ways, labour law in Monaco is very specific and is less regulated that in France. Employment contracts are mainly ruled by ordinary laws that applies to any contract, but also by some specific provisions arising out of law No.729 on employment contract of March 16, 1963. Work permit requirements and the hiring priority system are other important characteristics that apply to Monegasque employment contracts.

Overall, Monegasque labour law, compared to French law, offers more possibilities for contractual negotiations. Given the limited number of texts applicable in the discipline, case law holds an important place. Contrary to France, the labour court is not equally represented: it is composed of two employees, two employers and a professional judge.

Labour litigations, as any other Monegasque litigations, face private international law matters since labour contracts often includes foreign elements. Before moving to teleworking, it is essential to become better acquainted with the new legal environment.

We advise and represent companies in labour law : implementation of teleworking, social litigation, social impact of restructuring, staff representation, work accidents, protection of the business manager’s liability and collective proceedings.






Former member of Paris Bar

After several years in a Paris-based law firm specialized in labour law, Delphine SOLEILHAVOUP joined our firm in 2010. Her past experience enables her to efficiently assist Monegasque companies for individual or collective disputes and in counselling. She deals with restructuring matters, social audits, employee representation and internal regulations.

She graduated from the University of Aix-Marseille III and holds a First Degree Masters in Private Law. After having prepared, in Paris Assas, the competitive examination for Judges, she was admitted as an attorney at Paris Bar in 2005.

She is fluent in French and English.

Labour Law, Civil Law.
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