Property and construction law

The real estate sector holds an important place in the Principality and there is a great demand for property. The attractiveness of Monaco and its limited area are two important factors that define the characteristics of the sector.

There are many transactions and, a constant stream of new construction projects. These projects, due to Monaco’s size and the geological constraints can be very technical. In this framework, a good knowledge of the regulatory constraints and geotechnical issues is essential.

With regard to the rental sector, contrary to France, less laws are applicable. This allows, in principle, a significant contractual freedom for the assets of the so-called « free sector ». By contrast, owners of properties in the protected sector must bear some legal constraints. Flats in buildings constructed before September 1, 1947 are governed by law No. 1.235 of December 28, 2000 (modified by law No.1.291 of December 21, 2004) and therefore, the contractual freedom of their owners is significantly diminished.

We can assist in every step of a real estate project : project design and financing, implementation of contracts for the completion of the building, counselling and assistance for the application of condominium regulations and civil, included for office use (established by law No. n° 1.433 of November 8, 2016), and commercial leases.


Laurent MICOL

Laurent MICOL

Laurent MICOL

Laurent MICOL


After working at HSBC Bank in Monaco and in the Insurance Industry at «Generali Assurances», Laurent MICOL joined our firm in 2006. He specialized in business law early in his career but then oriented himself towards real estate and construction law.

He has now become our real estate specialist and deals with rental agreements and condominium regulations. He advises the clients at the pre-litigation stage and his technical knowledge of construction enables him to be an efficient litigator.

He holds a First Degree Masters in Judicial Careers and a Second Degree Masters in Economic and Business Law both passed at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis.

He is fluent in French and enjoys speaking Italian.

Real Estate and Construction Law, Condominium Regulations.
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